Castor Exports

India is the world’s largest producer of the castor contributes to around 70% of the world’s total production and dominating the global trade with a share of more than 80%. India meets more than 80% of the demand of castor oil, thereby enjoying a dominant Position in the World Castor Scenario.

As it is mentioned before, India exports 75% of its total production of castor and its derivatives. India exports around 3 lakh tons of castor oil that is worth Rs 700 crores and stands at the top position in the list of major castor oil exporting countries. Due to its end number of uses in various industries, castor oil has a high level of demand in the world that is still constantly rising at 3 to 5 % per annum. India exports castor oil in two forms namely First Special grade and Castor Oil Commercial. This figure of exports from India is on a rising trend and much of the world’s requirements are fulfilled by India only.

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