Castor Oil Cold Pressed Grade

Castor_oil_cod_pressed_grade_aura_refoils_india_1Castor Oil Cold Press Grade

  • Cold Pressed Castor Oil is a pure virgin transparent Castor Oil extracted in its natural form by pressing seeds without using steam cooking. This helps to preserve herbal and healing properties.
  • The oil extraction process does not involve use of any chemicals, heat or solvent process.
  • It is considered as one of the most valuable laxatives in pharma industries. Its uses includes cure of skin problems, burns, sunburns, skin disorders, skin cuts, and abrasions.
  • The oil is also used as a rub or pack for various ailments, including abdominal complaints, headaches, muscle pains, inflammatory conditions, skin eruptions, lesions, and sinusitis.


  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Cosmetics
Refractive Index at 20ºC Aocs cc 7.25 1.477 — 1.481
Moisture & Volatile Matter AocsCa 2e – 25 0.25 Percent Max
Insoluble Impurities 0.02 percent Max
Free Fatty Acid Aocs 13e.92 0.75 Percent Max
Acid Value AocsCaSa – 40 0.50 Max
Iodine Value (By Wiss, gI 2 / 100g) Aocs cd 1.25 82-90 Percent
Acetyl Value 140 Min
Saponification Value (mgKoH/gm) Aocs cd 3.25 179 – 187
Unsaponification Matter 0.8% Max
Hydroxyl Value Aocs cd 13-60 156 Min
Relative Density 15/15.5 DC 0.958 – 0.969
Viscosity at 20ºC Pas 9.5 – 11.0
Viscosity at 25ºC Pas 6.0 – 9.0
Viscosity Gardner- Holdt U – V
Color on Lovibond
1” Cell (Y+5R) 2.2 Yellow, 0.3 Red Max
5 ¼” Cell (Y+5R) Aocs Cc 13E – 92 10 Yellow Red 1.0 Max
Color Gardner 3 Max
Iodine Color 4 Max
Appearance 25 DC Clear and free from suspended matter
Odor Very slight & characteristics taste at first bland,but afterward slightly acrid.
Ricinoleic Acid Content 85 Percent Min
Density at 20ºC Aocs 10C – 95 0.958
Stability Aocs Cc-10G-25 Stable, Combustible. Incompatible with strong oxidizing agents. May be light sensitive.
Solubility in Ethyl Alcohol Complete soluble without turbidity
Optical Rotation +3.5 degree to +6.0 degree
Specific Gravity at 30 deg C 0.954 – 0.960
Insoluble Impurities AocsCa 3a – 36 0.02 Max